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Here is a way you can help that doesn't involve your money

One of the hardest things we try to do at START is put together a good plan for our young people when they return to the community.  Often these young men have done really well, they have excelled at work experience, they are highly motivated to make real change and do something different with their lives.  Then… nobody is keen to give them a go, or there isn’t anything productive they can do with their time.  It’s a real shame when this happens, and no matter how strong the young man is, there is only so long they can maintain these changes when they are bored, or are forced to go back to a course in their home town that they have been on before, with the same old mates!

What we need... you and everyone you know!!

'People who know people' is a mailing list of networks for START to seek opportunities for these young men.  We will not spam you, we will just send out a request when we are looking for something particular for a young man


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