We take young males aged between 15 and 17 years old. 

They must be on either a Supervision with Activity Order or a Supervision Order following a Supervision with Residence Order. 

We do not take young people with a history of Sexual Offending.

The START Taranaki Program is aimed at young people who want to make change and are ready to start building skills and working toward becoming independent.  Part of the START Taranaki Programme involves attending work experience in the community.  We look for young men with the motivation and maturity to succeed in these placements, and in the rest we have to offer.


Referral Process


We like to be involved with referrals as early as possible, so if there is an FGC for the young person we would be happy to come along and talk about the programme.

From there we require a completed referral form (which you can download below), and any other reports that you have on the young person.  After reading through this information we will arrange a time to interview the young person. For those we can interview face to face, we will, otherwise a video interview can be arranged.

We put a lot of thought into choosing young people we think are best suited to the programme, and putting a team of people together who will “click”.   We reserve the right to decline any referrals we don’t feel meet what we are looking for.

Application for the START programme requires completion of our referral template which generally comes from the young person’s MVCOT Social Worker. 


Please feel free to contact the START Taranaki Team for further information.

Expression of Interest Form

Info sheet for youth and whanau 

START Taranaki outline





INTAKE 3- 2018

Referrals closed

16 July 2018- Commencement of intake

7 September 2018 - Graduation Day

INTAKE 4 - 2018

24 September 2018 - Commencement of intake 4.

13 October 2018 - Whanau Day 

16 November 2018 - Graduation Day 


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