"I believe we all want to be good people who live good lives, but I also know from personal experience that young males often lack insight into what that means and how it can happen. By the time I was 18 years old I was addicted to drugs and in prison for murder. It took me many years of hardship and cost taxpayers many hundreds of thousands of dollars before I could turn my life around and start contributing to society. Yet it didn’t have to be this way, there were times in my youth that my path could have changed through an intervention like START, an intervention that takes young men like I was and helps them find a sense of hope and direction in their lives. Unfortunately START didn’t exist when I most needed them, so I am proud to now be able to act as a patron for START and support their interventions with others. We often wonder how we can make a real difference in the world, supporting START is way we can change the direction of young men on the path to prison, help reduce crime in our communities, and make a positive difference in the world."