Our residential period of six weeks to seven weeks which is called ‘Ora Toa’.  The focus is on maintaining motivation, goal setting and installing routines that will set them up for life back in the community.  We aim to bring about awareness of how they can contribute positively to society through community based projects and weekly counselling. The young people are also placed in work experience to help develop their work ethics and further strengthen their community attachment. 

Ora Toa is a name that was gifted to us by the local hapu Ngati Manuhiakai.  These words have many meanings, Ora – Health, life, vitality, to survive and Toa – warrior, brave, strong, competent and capable.

Ora Toa is not a lock up, just a big old house.  There are either one or two young men to a room, we have a lovely warm fire place, and good healthy food. During Ora Toa we will begin to work towards achieving the goals set out in your whanau meeting.  Activities during Ora Toa include:                          

  • Sports
  • Household chores
  • Music studio
  • Life skills
  • Physical training/workout
  • Vocational training
  • Garden and ground maintenance
  • Art
  • Counselling
  • Work experience placement (eg: farming, building, engineering)

“It makes you think of how well you’ve done and how proud your family are of you.”
— programme participant

Weekends and spare time are spent participating in a variety of activities continuing on from the skills and experiences started during the isolation phase.  During Ora Toa we will be working with your whanau and social worker to build a plan for when you return to the community.  This plan will be based on the things you enjoy doing and are good at.  By having a plan that you help put together, it is more likely you will be able to stick to it once you go home.